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About Lambeth


Lambeth Removals is a firmly established removals company that has expertise in offering removals services not only in the UK, but all over Europe and Internationally as well. We meet some of the highest standards set in Europe for removals services and we work really hard to meet all the safety and health procedures that are outlined in the nature of business that we do. We strive to have minimum effect on the environment through all of our practices. We mainly cater to corporate and individual clients. We offer both home removal services and office removal services. Along with that we also help our clients in packing their items by offering expert packers who bring in their own high quality packing materials as well. Along with that we offer storage areas and units for people looking for a secure place to put away their belongings for a certain period of time. For more information on our services or to book a service of ours, call now at 020 8746 9643.

We are proud of the first class service that we deliver to our customers. From the first point of contact with our customer till the packing and even the storing service, and including the shipping of items to the transport vehicles that we use for our business. At each point of customer interaction, we ask them to rate us based on the experience and service they received from our workers. This feedback is dealt with very carefully and we hold it very dear as a learning point and a way to further improve ourselves and find out our flaws so that we can fix them on time. We have a huge fleet of modern vehicles that are used for the shipment of your goods from one place to another. All of these vehicles are well maintained and contain all the necessary equipment and materials in them to keep your luggage and baggage safe and secure.

Our company is strongly committed to the welfare, safety, and health of all of its employees. We make sure that no matter what happens, no third party gets affected or exposed to any health risks or safety problems when they are in contact with our services or our company. We strongly commit ourselves to offering our valuable employees a healthy and safe working environment. We provide instructions and trainings regularly to our staff to help them keep updated on the safety and health regulations and to enable them to follow procedures carefully. We regularly consult with them too on these matters so that we can inquire first hand. We also conduct regular risk assessment activities for all the practices of our company to ensure that no activity of ours is posing any threat to any employee. Finally we highlight all the disposal and handling procedures of any hazardous substances that an employee might come across along with the safe storage instructions.

We are constantly monitoring the way we do our business and are always researching into ways that we can improve and become more efficient. We not only aim to reduce risk and hazards but also try to be beneficial by helping the community and protecting the environment. This is why we ensure that all our vehicles are fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. It is the stringent rules and regulations that we follow that have helped us earn the reputation and name that we enjoy today. We promise to maintain this high standard of quality in the future today and only strive to improve it. If you are interested in hiring our services, you can reach us at 020 8746 9643.